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Offered as 1-1, pairs, or small group sessions

During this extremely personalized experience, we will talk about your goals and create a route that will fit in with your lifestyle. We’ll break it down into small, manageable steps and celebrate each and every success along the way!

Pairs and small group training offer all of the personalized programmings of a 1-1 session, with the added accountability and fun of a workout buddy! Having a workout buddy can offer companionship while creating healthy competition which can be extremely helpful when someone needs that little extra push. Whether it be your partner, sister, mom, or friend, pairs training is a guaranteed hour of hard work and fun!

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Offered as 1-1, pairs, or small group sessions

Boxing consists of cardiovascular conditioning, as well as strength training with every session so you are guaranteed a sweaty session every time you step into the gym. Through a combination of shadowboxing, pads, and heavybag work, you will learn how to throw punches with the correct technique, as well as learn how to defend yourself.

Boxing services are open to all skill levels, and equipment will be supplied for all participants!

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Offered through a training app

With online training, I will give you extremely personalized workout plans to follow along with, that you can do on your own time, in your preferred space (whether that be in an at-home, or a commercial gym setting). Workouts are tailored to you and your goals, as well as whatever equipment you have access to. Video demonstrations and explanations will also be provided for each exercise, within each individual workout, to ensure that you are going through this with proper form.

Through weekly or bi-weekly check-ins, we will make sure that you are on the right track to reaching your goals, and make any adjustments to your plan if necessary. ZOOM calls can be scheduled for check-in days as well if requested by the client!


Coming soon in Beaumont, Alberta

Bootcamps consist of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and stretching. Every class has varying exercises and formats so no two bootcamps are ever the same. This support group can be just what you need to power through your workout and reach those fitness goals, not to mention cost-effective!

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